The Funnel Board

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Having trouble keeping on top of your kids picky orders? Or are you just sick of washing the same old stained chopping board? Solve those problems and more with this easy to clean Funnel Board, from The Essential 10. This thing is a green, clean, folding machine! Allowing you to easily cut up and funnel your favorite foods straight into the pan.


Product Features:
- Colour: Green
- Plastic: Polypropylene
- Measurements: Board- 25cm x 22 cm, Handle- 9cm x 6.8 cm
- Handle has a hole for hanging.
- When the handle is squeezed the chopping board folds into a chute, which then guides food into your pan or pot.
- Dishwasher safe and very easy to clean.
- Cuts down on your clean up time, wasted food, and frustration.


Customer Reviews

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Makes the process ten times faster!

This cutting board has become an essential product for my kitchen. As someone that cuts up loads of veggies for my meal prep, this funnel board makes the process ten times faster. And it prevents bits of carrot and zucchini from falling off the edges of the board when I'm pouring them into the pan!

Funnel Board

No mess, no stress. I love this thing.