The Apple Slicer

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We all know how irritating and time consuming it is to slice an apple using a knife, least of all when you need the slices to be evenly sized for presentation. Likewise, long handle apple corers can be very fiddly and even dangerous to use on apples that just refuse to stay still. The Apple Slicer from The Essential 10 solves these problems, doing two jobs in one with absolute ease. 

Product Features:
- Attractive and light-weight 
- High quality, sharp stainless steel blades 
- Easy to use 
- The slicer has no moving parts and is very stable.
- Using the slicer is simplicity in itself. Just place it over the apple and push down. The apple core will be removed and all the slices will be even.
- Dishwasher safe

Customer Reviews

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I love it!

I absolutely love the apple slicer. Its so quick and easy to use. Great if you've got kids because its perfect for when you're in a rush to prepare lunch/snacks for the day!

So satisfying!

Cutting an apple has never been so satisfying (and quick). There is nothing better than evenly cut slices of apple.