Egg Separator

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Separation made easy! Does the idea of getting out of bed on a fry-day morning to wip up your favorite egg white dish make you feel eggs-hausted? Is it not all it's cracked up to be? Don’t worry, The Essential 10 has you covered. This quick and easy to use egg yolk separator will have you scrambling to the kitchen every morning feeling egg-static about the egg-celent day you're about to have. 


Product Features:
- The smooth inner layer protects yolk from being broken.
- Perfect separating every time.
- Constructed of durable 18/8 premium stainless steel for long life use. 
- The separator can be placed on most bowls or cups. This prevents drips from running onto counters and tables.
- Crack open the egg into the separator, and let it hold the yolk while the white drips through. In some cases, shake it gently to quicken the process.
- Non-stick and easy to clean.
- Dishwasher safe.

Customer Reviews

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Mess-free Process

I wish I had this little gadget forever ago. Separating eggs now is such a swift, simple and mess-free process.

Easy Separation.

This egg separator does exactly what the description says it does. I'm very happy with this purchase, it is so sturdy and cleans very easily.