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Easy to bake with!

I've never loved a pair of measuring spoons so much! The colour-coded handles make it so easy to bake and cook with. And the grip is so comfy!

Super Durable

These containers save so much space (which is amazing because my cabinet is overflowing with containers) and are super durable. I can heat it, freeze it and chuck it in the dishwasher! So happy with this purchase :)

Mess-free Process

I wish I had this little gadget forever ago. Separating eggs now is such a swift, simple and mess-free process.

Sleek and fantastic

Finally - every kitchen utensil I could ever need in one package!! They don't scratch, they don't melt and they couldn't be easier to clean! They're so sleek and look fantastic too!

So Useful.

When I used to work at a café, the chef would use a mandoline for literally everything from quiches to tarts. I see why he loved it so much now that I have one! This mandoline is so useful and helps me cut large quantities of food for my meal prep.

So many uses!

Who knew this thing could have so many uses??? I have a bunch of these silicone holders all over my kitchen - they're just that convenient!

So satisfying!

Cutting an apple has never been so satisfying (and quick). There is nothing better than evenly cut slices of apple.

Makes the process ten times faster!

This cutting board has become an essential product for my kitchen. As someone that cuts up loads of veggies for my meal prep, this funnel board makes the process ten times faster. And it prevents bits of carrot and zucchini from falling off the edges of the board when I'm pouring them into the pan!

Cute and Colourful

These are the best measuring cups! They're so cute and colouful and really easy to wash!

I'm never turning back

This peeler literally makes peeling so much smoother! The grip and shape is so ideal and I'm never turning back ;)


This is the best pot holder I've ever used. You can use it for so many things and it truly can withstand a lot of heat. Thanks, The Essential 10 :)

Awesome Measuring Cups!

These measuring cups are awesome! The grip is very comfortable and they are great quality.

Very Useful.

To save storage space, I definitely recommend these containers! I love that they fold into less than half their original size. Thanks guys!

Easy Separation.

This egg separator does exactly what the description says it does. I'm very happy with this purchase, it is so sturdy and cleans very easily.

This is a life changer.

I've never owned a mandoline before but I find this product to be so useful. Once you get the hang of it, it's smooth sailing. I can prepare my stir frys in just minutes now. It saves me so much time in the kitchen!

So easy to use.

The one thing I like most about this product is that the blade actually stays sharp. I will definitely be a future customer.

Funnel Board

No mess, no stress. I love this thing.

Handy all round

By far the best quality for the best price. This set is honestly my favorite purchase I've made off of this site so far. Thumbs Up!


I cant tell you how long I've been looking for a decent pair of measuring spoons. I cant thank you enough Essential 10!